Make a Payment

Make a Payment

Payment Plan


The UCF tuition payment plan is a two-payment design in which a student pays 50 percent of the current term’s owed tuition and fees plus $15 by the original payment deadline. This payment must be made through the “Tuition Payment Plan” link on the student’s myUCF account. Entering the payment plan prior to the payment deadline allows students to avoid the $100 late payment fee and/or being dropped for non-payment. The student is then responsible for paying the remaining 50 percent by the second payment plan deadline, which will be reflected on the student’s fee invoice after they have enrolled in the payment plan. Please refer to the academic calendar link to see these payment deadlines, and plan ahead.

Students must sign into their myUCF account and click on the “Tuition Payment Plan” link to sign up. The “Tuition Payment Plan” link will calculate the correct minimum amount needed to pay to enter the plan. Please note that in order to join the tuition payment plan all previous term debts must be paid. Once a student has completed the payment process through this link, the student will be given a message stating the student has successfully enrolled in the payment plan. The payment plan will be available for sign up during the week following the add/drop period.

Students receiving financial aid, Florida Prepaid, waivers, or third party payments already have an extended deadline and will not be eligible for the UCF payment plan.

Students will still be able to sign up for the payment plan after the payment deadline, but before the drop for non-payment occurs. However, students signing up during this time will still be required to pay the $100 late payment fee that they have incurred for not paying in full on time. Students signing up at this time and paying the required payment will not be dropped for non- payment.

Students will not be automatically enrolled in the payment plan.

All students making a partial payment will need to sign up for the payment plan to avoid being dropped for non-payment from their courses.

Students cannot cancel enrollment in the payment plan after they have signed up; therefore, the $15 enrollment fee is non-refundable.

UCF Payment Plan Terms & Conditions

By enrolling in a UCF Payment Plan, I agree to the following terms and conditions:

Student Responsibility

  • I must enroll in the payment plan by the payment deadline at the end of the second week of classes to avoid late payment charges.
  • It is my responsibility to verify my class schedule and student account for accuracy on myUCF.
  • I acknowledge that this payment plan agreement obligates me to pay tuition and fees. This payment plan does NOT cover housing, bookstore, meal plan, short-term loans, or other miscellaneous charges that may be posted on my student account. I further understand and agree that my account may be referred to a collection agency (with additional fees and possible credit bureau reporting) if I fail to make a timely payment. I will be responsible for all collection fees incurred by the university in collecting my delinquent account. I understand that I am bound by these policies for the duration of my enrollment at UCF and until all final charges are paid in full.
  • I am responsible to pay tuition for classes I am registered for, even if I do not attend these classes. The last day to drop from a class or classes with a 100 percent tuition refund is listed on the UCF Academic Calendar.
Plan Set-Up
  • To enroll in the payment plan, I must enroll on myUCF with the first payment and payment plan fee. Enrollment is only available electronically.
  • Signing up for a payment plan is my responsibility. (Any guest access is at the authorization of the student for convenience but responsibility for the plan still lies with the student.)
  • I must enroll in a payment plan by the payment deadline at the end of the 2nd week of classes to avoid late payment charges.
  • I understand that if I add a course after the Add Deadline on the UCF Academic Calendar, that this course may not be included in the payment plan.
  • I am required to re-enroll each semester to participate in the payment plan.
  • University of Central Florida will assess a NON-REFUNDABLE payment plan fee at published rates at the time the plan is established. The current rate is $15.
  • Payments may be made online with MasterCard, Discover, or American Express with a two percent convenience fee. Electronic checks drawn on checking accounts are available at no charge.
  • If I pay with a check through the mail or via drop box, I will still have to log onto myUCF to enroll in the payment plan. Simply paying 50 percent does not enroll me in the plan.
  • I am responsible for paying my second installment on time even if I do not receive a reminder notice. Failure to pay the second installment on time may result in a $100 late fee.