Mission and Responsibilities


The mission of the Student Account Services office is to serve the students who attend our university by billing fees, campus housing, and other university charges accurately and efficiently, and collecting and crediting tuition revenue. We are here to provide students with quality service and information by maintaining accurate financial records and communicating policies and information to students concerning their accounts. Student Account Services is managed by the Bursar who reports to the Controller of the University. Student Account Services is a section of the Division of Finance that reports to the Vice President and Chief Financial Officer.

Student Account Services consists of four functional areas:

  • Student Services
  • Systems Processing
  • Cashiers Office
  • Collections


Student Services & Systems Processing

Student Services & Systems Processing are responsible for maintaining the setup and maintenance within the student financials module of PeopleSoft for the calculating and assessing of tuition and required fees, posting payments, posting departmental charges, generating third party billing statements, invoicing third party sponsors, counseling students about their accounts, processing refunds, administering the direct deposit program, recording of waivers and deferrals, administering the Florida Prepaid Tuition plan, applying financial holds and late fees to delinquent accounts, preparation and distribution of 1098-T tax forms and maintaining daily communication with both internal and external customers.

  • We are also responsible for processing disbursements consisting of short term loans, grants and scholarships and other types of financial aid (e.g., Stafford loans, Perkins Loans) for the student.
  • Student Account Services manages the administration of the Florida Prepaid Tuition Plan and the Third Party Billing Program.
  • Administration of the UCF and State Employee Tuition Waiver Programs is the responsibility of the Student Account Services office. We also process Certificates of Participation (COPs), the tuition waiver for eligible teachers. Student Account Services also processes other waivers to students’ accounts, such as Linkage, Senior Citizen, etc. In addition, Student Account Services transfers tuition payments from research grant accounts.
  • Student Account Services assesses and cancels tuition/fees for administrative record changes (adds, drops, withdrawals, and medical withdrawals that occur after the add or drop periods) after they are approved by Student Development and Enrollment Services and processed by the Registrar.
  • Our office issues all refunds for overpayment of tuition or other fees.
  • We administer the cancellation of students for non-payment of tuition each semester.Student Account Services is responsible for the assessment of late payment and late registration fees. Late fee appeals are collected, researched and submitted to the Fee Appeals Committee, and results are recorded and e-mailed to the student.
  • We coordinate activities and communicate with other university departments that generate tuition, fees, and other charges, and with the Financial Aid Office concerning scholarships, grants, and loans. We also communicate with parents, students, third party sponsors, and university personnel regarding financial requirements, collection of past due accounts, and policies.


Cashier’s Office

The Cashiers Office is responsible for the collection of student payments that are due to the university. These payments include registration fees, housing fees, health center charges and all other fees assessed on a student’s account. We administer the unpaid returned check policies and procedures.

  • This office is responsible for processing all department deposits on behalf of the university. Unless otherwise directed, departments are required to deliver to the Cashier’s office all funds collected for processing and subsequent deposit to the university’s bank.
  • This office is also responsible for all department deposits. Departments bring to the Cashiers Office all monies collected at their office to be deposited into their account and to the corresponding bank.



Collections is responsible for the collection and management of outstanding debts due to the university. We communicate and maintain hold file procedures with other departments.

This office also manages the performance of the Perkins Loan program for pre-loan counseling, exit interviews and the collection of Perkins Loan debts.

Organization Chart