FL Prepaid & Third Party Sponsorships

FL Prepaid & Third Party Sponsorship

FL Prepaid


For any enrolled student who has an active Florida Prepaid College Plan, the University of Central Florida automatically extends the tuition and fee due date after the add deadline on the academic calendar. All students must check their fee invoice after the add deadline for their adjusted tuition and fee due date. If the student does not wish to utilize the Florida Prepaid Tuition Plan, or wants Student Account Services to bill less than the number of credit hours in which the student is enrolled, then the student must update the hours to bill in myUCF prior to the end of the add/drop period each term. For more information, please see Florida Prepaid Tuition Plan Management Instructions.

The standard Florida Prepaid College Plan does not cover local fees or incidental fees such as material/supply fees, ID service and access fee, distance learning course fee, technology fee, transportation fee, and equipment fee. The local fee plan, which is indicated on the Florida Prepaid Tuition Plan card, covers local fees but not the transportation fee, technology fee and incidental fees. For further details about the Florida Prepaid Tuition Plan please visit the links below.

Please submit all Florida Prepaid inquiries to tpbilling@ucf.edu.