Tuition and Fees

Tuition and Fees



Student Account Services begins posting financial aid, Florida Prepaid, and other deferment sources in the middle of the week following the drop/swap deadline. To verify the most accurate deferment and fee assessment information, please check your fee invoice the week following the drop/swap and add deadlines.

Veterans' Deferral

Veterans’ Defferal FAQs

Student veterans using GI Bill education benefits and seeking tuition deferment must visit the Veterans Academic Resource Center by the end of the first week of classes and obtain approval to extend the payment deadline. Payment deadlines are listed in the academic calendar.

Third Party Payments

Students who have an authorization or a letter of intent from an approved third-party source (e.g., a company, embassy, or a government agency) must submit such documentation to the Student Account Services office, Millican Hall, room 109, or by email to by the fee payment deadline. Employer tuition plans that reimburse the employee do not qualify. The third-party source must agree to pay the tuition without grade contingencies upon receiving an invoice.

Florida Prepaid College Plan

For any enrolled student who has a Florida Prepaid College Plan, the University of Central Florida will automatically invoice and defer the due date for all tuition and related fees. Check your fee invoice in the middle of the week following the drop deadline for the deferred due date. If the student does not wish to utilize the Florida Prepaid Tuition Plan, the student must submit a Florida Prepaid Management form to Student Account Services by the first day of classes each term.

Financial Aid Automatic Deferments

Tuition due-date deferments are available to students with anticipated financial aid who have completed all required submissions of documentation and met all financial aid criteria for receiving aid prior to the payment deadline. The fee invoice reflects the dollar amount of the student’s anticipated financial aid. Tuition and fees will be deferred for students with anticipated financial aid displayed on their fee invoices prior to the payment deadline. If the total amount of tuition and fees exceeds the amount of anticipated financial aid, the difference must be paid by the due date on the student’s fee invoice to avoid a late fee. Different financial aid programs require varying hours of enrollment for eligibility. To ensure a student’s enrollment includes sufficient hours for the various financial aid programs, please refer to the Office of Student Financial Assistance’s Program Eligibility Charts.

The following programs are not included in the automatic deferral program: work study programs and direct-pay scholarships.

Deferral of the due date does not relieve the student of fee liability. Simply ceasing to attend class meetings will not cancel the student’s debt to the university either. Students must drop their classes by the drop deadline or be approved for an academic record change through the Academic Services office or College of Graduate Studies to avoid tuition and related fee liability. Withdrawing from classes after the drop deadline does not eliminate the liability to pay tuition and fees.

Students who had a financial aid deferment but lost their financial aid eligibility through verification, cancellation, or other reasons are still responsible for paying their fees. The balance may be subject to a late fee if not paid on time.

Dual-enrolled hours (transient hours) taken at another institution are not considered for automatic deferral purposes.

For more information on financial aid deferments, follow the link below.
Deferments of Tuition and Fees