Fee Appeals

Fee Appeals

Late Fees


Late Payment Fees

A $100 Late Payment Fee applies to students who do not pay their fees or do not pay their fees by the due date. It is the student’s responsibility to drop a course (or courses) by the last day of Add/Drop for the term. View the Academic Calendar for the last date to drop and not be fee liable. After the Drop period is over, any course cancellations are withdrawals. Students who withdraw from courses are still fee liable for the withdrawn courses. Students must not assume that their classes will be canceled if they do not pay for courses or do not attend class meetings.

Late Payment Fee Categories for Consent Approve/Deny Appeals
Late Payment Fee Appeal Form


Late Registration Fees

Students who register for the first time during the Late Registration and the Add/Drop period will be assessed a $100 Late Registration Fee. All registration activity must be completed by 11:59 p.m. on the last day of Late Registration and Add/Drop. Students may drop courses that meet for the first time after the end of Late Registration and Add/Drop during the next business day in the Registrar’s Office (MH 161).

Academic Calendar
Late Registration Fee Categories for Consent Approve/Deny Appeals
Late Registration Fee Appeal Form


Avoid the Late Registration Fee

Students unable to enroll in any open section during regular Registration may register for the UCF temporary course UCF 1500 before the first day of the Late Registration period to avoid the $100 Late Registration Fee. Check the appropriate Academic Calendar for the Add/Drop/Swap deadlines.