Information Reported


On the Form 1098-T, the University of Central Florida (UCF) report the name, social security number and address of students, and indicate whether they were graduate student and/or at least half-time during the calendar year.

BOX 1 reports the total payments made during the calendar year for Qualified Tuition & Related Expense. Payments made for tuition will include most tuition related charges on the student account except charges such as:

  • Transportation Access Fees
  • Health Fees

Non-Qualified Expenses not included in Box 1 are: Housing/Residence Hall, Meal Plan, Books (Short Term Advances & Textbook Purchase Program), Parking, Health and other miscellaneous payments.

BOX 2 will be blank.

BOX 4 reports total reductions in payments reported in a prior year.

BOX 5 reports the amount of all scholarships, grants and other gift aid applied to the account during a calendar year.

BOX 6 reports total reductions in gift aid received and reported in a prior year.