Students who were dropped for non-payment and wish to be reinstated must complete the Student Request for Re-registration form during the open Reinstatement period. Please check the Academic Calendar for the Reinstatement deadline. Students must be reinstated into all courses. Student Account Services can only reinstate students from the current term for all classes dropped. Students must re-register to future term courses that were dropped.

All outstanding fees must be paid or deferred before a request can be processed. Please call Student Account Services to find out the amount of tuition and fees that must be paid. Clear all holds on the account, and then submit the completed Re-registration form and payment receipt or Verification of Aid form to Student Account Services, or fax it to (407) 823-6476.

For students who do not wish to be reinstated into the current term but plan to attend a term in the future, make sure to pay the late fee (Drop for Non-Payment), clear all Holds, and then contact the Registrar's office and request for the account to be reactivated.

Reinstatement Instructions and Form
Academic Calendar
Registrar's Office


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