Fee Invoice

A student's Fee Invoice will show all tuition and fee charges, payments and deferments associated with the term, and courses in which the student is currently enrolled. The Fee Invoice will not show fees such as housing, library, parking, etc.... The Fee Invoice is available online and is not mailed out.

Students should obtain a Fee Invoice from myUCF at https://my.ucf.edu at the following times:

  • Immediately after enrolling in each term's classes
  • Each time when adding, swapping or dropping courses
  • Just before classes begin
  • Right after the Add/Drop deadline

To obtain your Fee Invoice, log into myUCF at https://my.ucf.edu and click Student Self Service in the menu on the left. When the menu expands, click Student Accounts and then click Fee Invoice. You will be given the option to select a semester to view that semester's Fee Invoice. If you wish, you will have the option to pay your fees my credit card or eCheck by clicking the Due Charges / ePay link at the bottom of the invoice."

Tuition Fee Invoices are not mailed. Failure to obtain a Fee Invoice cannot be used as an excuse for late payment. Any changes made to the student's status with the University of Central Florida or with the registered courses may cause the Fee Invoice to be outdated and incorrect. Registration is not complete until all fees are paid in full on or before the published deadline.

It is the student's responsibility to obtain an updated Fee Invoice whenever changes occur. Although great care is used in calculating fees, payments, deferrals, waivers and other data contained on the Fee Invoice, occasionally errors do occur. The university reserves the right to verify and correct any information on the Fee Invoice. Please report irregularities to Student Account Services by calling (407) 823-2433.

How to Read Your Fee Invoice




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