Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Florida Prepaid FAQs


Which department handles Florida Prepaid?

Florida Prepaid is managed and processed by Student Account Services. The department’s contact number is (407) 823‐2433. The email address is:

How do I set up Florida Prepaid to pay my tuition?

You are not required to present or submit your Florida Prepaid card to Student Account Services. We will retrieve this information from the Florida Prepaid website directly and bill for the number of enrolled hours. However, you will need to check your fee invoice prior to the payment deadline date to confirm whether or not Florida Prepaid was applied to your account. There should be an “Estimated FL Pre‐Paid” amount shown on the fee invoice. This is the estimated amount billed to your Florida Prepaid plan. If Florida Prepaid is not reflected on your account, please contact Student Account Services at (407) 823‐2433, or email to for assistance.

How much of my tuition will be covered by Florida Prepaid?

Your Florida Prepaid plan is billed based on the plan type, number of credit hours you are taking and the number of hours available in your plan. You can view the estimated payment amount on your fee invoice through your myUCF portal. It will be the “Estimated FL Pre‐Paid” amount.

My Florida Prepaid College Plan should cover all fees. Why do I have a balance on my account?

Regardless of your plan type, there are fees Florida Prepaid will not cover. Transportation access, technology, distance learning fees, material and supplies, equipment, and ID service and access fees are some of the non‐covered charges. Another source of payment, aside from Florida Prepaid, will be needed. Additional information regarding which fees Florida Prepaid covers is available online at

How do I adjust my Florida Prepaid billing hours or cancel billing of my Florida Prepaid College Plan?

Students can manage their Florida Prepaid billing hours by logging into myUCF and selecting the “Florida Prepaid Management” link, found on the Student Center under “Finances”. Please note that you must log in and reduce or opt-out (select “0” credits) each term you wish UCF to bill a different number of hours than the amount of hours in which you are enrolled.