Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Dropped for Nonpayment FAQs


Why did I get dropped from my classes?

If your tuition was not paid or deferred by the payment deadline date, your current and pre‐ registered future term classes were dropped for nonpayment. This date is published on the academic calendar.  As a result of the drop, a $100 drop for nonpayment (DNP) fee will be assessed to your account.

I was dropped for nonpayment, how do I re‐register for my classes?

All outstanding fees must be paid before a request can be processed. Contact Student Account Services to obtain the amount due for reinstatement. If you are anticipating financial aid funds to pay your tuition, please request a Verification of Aid form from the Office of Financial Assistance to be sent to Student Account Services on your behalf. Once that amount is paid or a Verification of Aid form is received, you would submit a completed re‐registration form to Student Account Services. Our contact number is (407) 823‐2433.

I submitted my reinstatement documents. When will I get re‐registered into my courses?

It may take up to 48 hours upon receipt of your form for your classes to be reinstated.