Late Registration Fee Categories
for Consent Approve/Deny Appeals

Appeals that fall into a category where the committee has a consistent track record of approvals or denials will be placed into consent and will not be brought before the committee for individual review. Any appeals that should have supporting documentation and are submitted without it should be rejected or automatically denied for lack of support. The following are categories for Late Registration Fee consent approvals or denials:


  1. If a university department submits documentation to the committee stating than an error/circumstances within its department contributed to the Late Registration fee charged to the student's account.
  2. If the student has a classification that does not permit registration until the last day of regular registration and is charged a late registration fee due to the inability to find open courses.
  3. If the student's fee is due to enrollment in an Internship or Co-op course.


  1. If a university department submits documentation to the committee invalidating the reasons a student may have given as a cause for the late fee.
  2. The student's first attempt to register for a course(s) is during the Late Registration period.
  3. The student was out of town and did not have access to a computer.
  4. The course the student wanted was closed.
  5. It was the student's first time being late.

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